Artist, Art Educator
Master's in Art Education with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing from Illinois State University.
Studied Art History and Ceramics at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Artist, Sara Sawyer, born not far from The Art Institute of Chicago, remembers the intense impression the place made on her when she was young. She accompanied her artist father, Frank Sawyer, to his monthly drawing sessions there. From that point on, a pad of paper and a pencil was all her parents would have to provide to entertain her. Drawing kept their "daydreamer" busy for hours.

"This taught me the pleasure of losing myself in a visual world of my own imagining...a world always waiting to welcome me back," Sara says. "Art has always been my refuge and my joy."

She remembers wih great nostalgia and pride the time during the decade of the 1980's when she and her husband and daughters, Heather and Mara, lived in Spain.  As a family, they were able to live and breath art.  Sara and David loved their life as professional artists exhibiting successfully in many cities in Spain. Sara often reflects, "It is gratifying to know that many of my drawings and paintings have found good homes within collections in Spain, the U.S.A., and other parts of the world."  

"How rich it is; if one can only remember what one has seen, one is never without food for thought or truly lonely, never alone."
-- Vincent van Gogh to Theo, 1878

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Life-long studio artist.


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Taught Art (K-14) for over 18 years in Colorado, California, Spain, and in Connecticut as the Head of the Art Department of a small private school.
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"All my works show my fascination with lights and shadows as they affect forms and colors; and as they dramatize, as in my portraits for example, very personal attitudes of men and women in moments of intensity and concentration.

In my drawings, I work rapidly, hardly able to stop until they are complete. In the finished drawings, I hope to leave a strong impression of spontaneity and vitality.

In my paintings, I work slowly, concentrating on the impact of the expressive force of light and color, surrounding the subject with an atmosphere which is personal and harmonious.

In my art, I search for an essence of the world I see."

- Sara Sawyer


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La Hora de la Verdad

Antonio Ordóñez

One-Woman Show in Madrid

El Tajo

El Tajo

El agua de la Alhambra

Self Portrait


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